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Hate distractions?

Cold Turkey will temporarily block you off of social media sites, addicting websites, games and even programs!

Imagine how fast you could do your work without all those distractions!

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What percentage goes to charity?

First world problems helping third world ones.

$16239 (CAD) donated to the Against Malaria Foundation!

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If requiring technical assistance, also include contents of the 'error.log' file from Cold Turkey's install directory.

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It looks like you're not running Windows! Unfortunately, Cold Turkey only works if you are running Windows.

There is a way though! Check out this program called Selfcontrol for macs.

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It looks like you're using an incompatible browser.

You can still install Cold Turkey, but you will have to use a different browser to configure it.

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Why the Against Malaria Foundation?

The Against Malaria Foundation is rated the top international charity by multiple charity researchers. AMF provides: Find out more on the Against Malaria Foundation.
Find out more about AMF's top rating.